Big Data, Analytics and Goals of Digital Marketing

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Big Data, Analytics και στόχοι Digital Marketing

So you made a campaign in Facebook or Instagram and another one in Google Ads. You had thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks and likes. Which of those metrics and hundred more are able to show what was the result of your campaigns?

Are the questions that the client will ask the digital agency or the employee of the company that was managing those campaigns the right ones? Are the goals that we set for those campaigns the appropriate ones? So many questions but where are the answers?

What is Big Data

Based on IBM Big Data is any kind of big volume of information that is created from the everyday operation of a business. From the volume of call requests of the customers to how long a guest spends on our website and which path he followed to reach our contact form or our order form.

In this blog post we will be talking about the huge volume of information that is created from the interaction of our guests or clients to our website, or our social media pages and how that information can be helpful so we can understand the profile of our customer and also take the right decisions for promoting our business to the right channels.

The Age of “Big Data” and Analytics

We are in an era that technology has succeeded so much compared to the past, nowadays there is available technology and techniques to monitor and count with very big precision the results on any online campaign.

There are even free tools that can be used from the companies, webmaster or specialists in digital marketing, tools that are very accurate and give us a wide range of information that we can analyze and understand what is working and what isn’t.

So it’s really strange to have access to such a big volume of information about how the consumer is reacting in a monitored environment like our website or online shop and most of the business instead of trying to analyze their guest and customer behavior they are spending money and time to care about how many likes they have in their Facebook or Instagram account.

How many that liked your post bought your product ?

Social media like Facebook or Instagram are media that a lot of companies use either together with their website or as a standalone online presence for their business. Of course the more than 5 million Greeks that use social media is not a trivial number.

But can someone say with certainty that the setup, advertisement and management of your social media pages is increasing your company’s revenue? Is it worth investing in social media to increase your followers and how many likes you receive?

The answer is in the Analytics and the research on the profile of the consumer. If you imagine that your online shop is a normal shop, when someone comes in with big interest to buy your products, normally you will ask him where did you learn about us and our products and try to gather useful information so you can understand your customers profile.

With these questions is easy to create a data base or an excel spreadsheet so you can have a rough idea from where the customer is finding your services and products and other useful information. In the digital world, these questions are easier to be answered, monitored and analyzed with the right tools. So you can have a good idea where you should invest in order to bring more customers to your business.

Clues and Proof

If your business has an online store that accepts either online or offline payments, the budget that you will invest in any kind of digital marketing can be monitored and evaluated so you can have a good idea what is the return on your investment after any kind of advertisement.

So the goals that a company is setting must be realistic and there should be a mechanism for monitoring the behavior of the visitor and the consumer of your website.

The success of any kind of campaign should be counted with the revenue earned and not from how many likes we got in social media or how many impressions a certain webpage of our site had, as these are clues and not proof of how well our campaign worked.

The technology is on our side and can provides us all the answers on a series of question any business manager will ask in order to have a clear picture of the needs of consumer.

  • How many reached the order form and how many completed their order?
  • How many show your newsletter banner and how many of them became subscribers?
  • What is the average bounce rate in the product pages of your website?
  • How long a visitor spends in your website and which pages they saw?

Make sure that your digital marketing strategy of your business is aligned with the latest trends and technology so you can have the best results possible. Our company Kefalonia Web Vision except the web design services also offers a wide range of digital marketing services like SEO, Social Media Management and PPC campaigns wich of course are monitored so you can understand what is the return to your investment.

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