Bounce Rate and Google Results Meaning

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Bounce rate it’s a very important metric that show how a webpage is performing and its a metric a lot of marketing departments check.

This is also a metric that Google checks because if your users are not satisfied with your content, they will simply leave and check another website to find what they are looking for.

There are many articles and technical analysis online on how to improve the performance of your website and minimize your bounce rate percentages.

But its worth to look what exactly the Bounce Rate means so we can understand if it can give us the real picture of our web sites performance.

The Bounce Rate as per Google Analytics

The percentage of visitors that views one page and then exited the website (so it’s the visitors that exited your website from the page that originally arrived).

So the percentage that Google Analytics is showing per month is the average number of visitor that came and exited the website on any given page and not only in our homepage.

Is this Metric Enough for your Websites Performance?

No it isn’t. It’s a very general number that can’t really help us understand if the performance of the website is good or not. The average bounce rate for our website doesn’t really explain which exact page is performing well and which isn’t so we can start taking action by using techniques like “Landing Page Optimization” or even more targeted like “Conversion Optimization” that we won’t be analyzing in this blog spot.

Also we have to consider the number of the pages a website has, if a website has only a single page as their main page that means that we expect that the bounce rate will be very high but that doesn’t really mean that our website isn’t performing good as the visitor can find all the information he needs in that single page.

How to Monitor and Evaluate your Bounce Rate Correctly

It’s very important to categorize our website pages according to their importance and their use. The analysis of the architecture of our website can help us understand what is the problem so we can plan the correct SEO strategy to deal with the bounce rate problem.

So you can have a clear picture of the bounce rate of a visitor in your main page, your products page or your blog. You can contact Kefalonia Web Vision so we can perform an initial SEO audit free of charge to your website so we can check what’s your bounce rate is and other important metrics.

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