Joy Ride Hire Adwords Campaign


JoyRide Hire in Kefalonia launched their new website a little before the start of the 2020 summer season , and in order to increase the traffic and the brand awareness we suggested a Google adwords campaign as the results are imediate as we didnt have a enough time to plan an online strategy that will give us result so fast at that point.

google adwords
google ads planning illustration


In Kefalonia WebVision we believe its very important to have a clear goal of what our campaign needs to succeed so we can plan the appropriate strategy that will deliver the results our clients wants.

A Google adwords campaign should be very well planned so we dont spend money on advertising that doesnt bring us the right customers and this is not as easy at is sounds.


So what we do in order to create a successful google campaign is to perform a Keyword and a competion analysis of your market.

By researching what your competitors are targeting and by analysing trends using the right tools we are able to target the right keywords so can increase the return of your advertising investment.

keyword competition analysis
joy ride hire kefalonia website


In the end of the day is the results that matter , so we deliver measurable results so you can understand how your money were spent and what you earned from that , either that is new customers, bookings , brand awareness etc.

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